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Where Honest Food is Raised

Our mission is to bring ethical food to the table. We do everything we can to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food. Whether it’s giving the girls year-round outdoor access, supporting family farmers, enabling you to trace your eggs back to the farm, or debunking misleading animal welfare claims, you can always trust Vital Farms to be Where Honest Food is Raised. Our eggs, butter, and Egg Bites are delicious, ethical food you don’t have to question.

Vital Farms. We are Where Honest Food is Raised.

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Egg Bites are Here!

A photo of all the eggs bites in their packaging.

Introducing Egg Bites. A new way to breakfast from Vital Farms.

We took our pasture-raised eggs (that you know and love!), combined them with pasture-raised cheese, humanely raised meats and veggies to create a single-serve, protein-packed breakfast.

Close up of chicken in grass.


A banner that says - see where your eggs were laid.
Stacked Cartons of Vital Farm Eggs and two brown eggs sitting in front.

We believe folks like you should know (and see!) where your food comes from. That’s why we’re excited to show you Vital Farms Traceability — an initiative that allows you to trace your Vital Farms carton of eggs back to the actual farm where they were laid!

Chicken Illustration


Our hens enjoy at least 108 square feet of pasture each with plenty of fresh air and sunshine year-round. This lifestyle gives the girls the freedom to forage through rotated pastures, feasting on a natural buffet of grasses daily.

Red Barn Illustration

Family Farms

We began as a single family farm. As we grew, we didn’t make our farm bigger – we found more like-minded farmers who put the welfare of their feathered friends first. Today, we partner with approximately 200 family farms who give the girls the outdoor lifestyle they deserve.

Earth Illustration

Conscious Capitalism

Picture hens, cows, farmers, investors, crew members and Mother Earth sitting around a conference table. Philosophically, our business is like that. We consider how our work impacts animals, people and the environment, and we put them first. Always.


Bullsh*t Free.

When we say our eggs are Pasture-Raised, we’re talking about real, green pastures. No empty claims. No BS. So-called cage-free hens, on the other hand, never even go outside. And free range farms provide little more than a dirt-covered pen. Our girls find that unacceptable. And frankly, so do we!

Pasture Raised Icon that says they have at least 108 sq feet per bird
Free Range Icon means chickens have about 2 sq feet per bird.
Cage free means about 1 sq foot per bird.
An example of a pasture passport, a red booklet that has places inside for you to glue the cut out of farms you see from the cartons.

The Vital Farms

Pasture Passport

If you haven’t noticed the farm name printed on the side of your egg carton, check again! You’re now able to virtually visit the pasture of the small family farm where your Vital Farms eggs were laid. We created the Pasture Passport to help you keep track of all your birdwatching endeavors. Once you’ve collected 10 different farm names in your passport, you’ll be eligible to win a limited edition Vital Farms Birdwatchers Club hat.

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